About the project

Through the integration of tourist and transport services into an integrated tourist offer, the SUSTOURISMO project connects key stakeholders in tourism and public transport with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of tourism and sustainable awareness of tourists. As part of the contract, the activities of the pilot project were carried out: “Sustainable tour to the heart of the Ljubljana Marshes”, with the aim of creating spatial tourist content and testing the application “SUSTOURISMO” (Google Play / Apple Store). The main tasks of the project included the conceptual design and content of two tourist packages (geolocated bike paths and thematic points, preparation of text, images, and video material) – two bike tours that include and combine natural and cultural heritage, local tourism providers and public transport in the area into an integrated tourism product. A plan for the promotional campaign of the pilot project on the Slovenian market was also prepared.

  • Product development
  • Cycling tourism
  • Solutions
  • Planning
  • Marketing
Barje_Sveta Ana