Development of national schemes for sustainable tourism

We are the authors of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism – a national scheme for the development of sustainable tourism in destinations and tourism businesses, which we are developing together with the owner and manager of the scheme, the Slovenian Tourist Board. As accredited partners, we are regularly evaluating and upgrading the scheme, carrying out educational workshops, training sustainability coordinators and providing assistance with sustainability certification. As proud holders of the Green Destinations assessment license we audit destinations according to this GSTC-recognized standard.

In accordance with our vast experiences in the field, we position ourselves as experts on the development of national schemes for sustainable tourism. We are thrilled to share the story of Slovenia Green with other destinations, while taking into account their local characteristics and needs. It is our pleasure to show other destination managers how to successfully build a national or regional sustainable tourism development scheme using globally recognized standards and certification programs.

Let’s make the future of the tourism industry brighter and greener together!

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Sustainable tourism certification schemes

Goodplace is the central sustainable tourism assessment institution for destinations and providers in Slovenia. Together with accredited partners, we provide counseling and assistance in the certification process we represent. We organize the final assessment, which, due to accredited Slovenian auditors, can be conducted in the Slovene language.

We represent the following schemes:

Green Destinations

We represent the Dutch organization Green Destinations and audit according to their GSTC accredited Green Destinations standard. The standard is used in auditing Slovenian destinations in the Green scheme of Slovenian tourism.


Travelife for travel agencies

We act as representatives and auditors of the Travelife International Travel Agencies Certification granted by ECEAT.



We are representatives and evaluators of the Canada based Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice LEAF certification schemes for restaurants.

Travelife accommodation

Travelife for hotels

We are representatives and auditors of the Travelife international certification scheme for hotels, owned by the UK Travel Agencies Association ABTA.

Green globe logo

Green Globe

We are representatives and evaluators of the USA based Green Globe certification scheme for tourism businesses, including accommodations, travel agents and attractions.

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