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We are the authors and accredited partners of the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, a national scheme promoting the development and implementation of sustainable tourism practices both at the destination level and at the level of individual tourism businesses. Together with the Slovenian Tourist Board, we take care of scheme development and participate in the planning and carrying out the activities. We also represent Slovenia Green Consortium, which connects and brings together the bearers of the Slovenia Green label.


The Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism is a national tool for the development of sustainable tourism in destinations and tourism businesses that operates under the umbrella brand SLOVENIA GREEN. It works as a quality certificate used to indicate the fulfilment of a wide range of requirements related to sustainable tourism. The Scheme is both a tool for assessing and improving the sustainability endeavors of destinations and businesses.


The Factory of Sustainable Tourism Goodplace is accredited by the Slovenian Tourist Board as the project partner of the Green Scheme. As the authors of the Scheme and proud holders of Green Destinations Standard assessment license, we carry out workshops, train sustainability coordinators, and assist in introducing sustainability certificates into businesses. We regularly evaluate and upgrade the Scheme together with its owner and manager, the Slovenian Tourist Board.


The Scheme was developed and started operating in 2015, when the first pilot destinations and tourism businesses joined the project. The network of sustainable destinations and tourism businesses has since expanded across the entire country and includes as many as 48 destinations, 40 accommodations, 4 parks and 2 travel agencies.


Developing sustainable tourism is the only way forward if we are to preserve the most beautiful corners of our planet and enable future generations to discover them. The key strategic goal of the project is to introduce and implement sustainability models into Slovenian tourism sector and thus remain an attractive, green and healthy destination. With the desire to join all efforts for the development of sustainable tourism in Slovenia into a transparent and internationally comparable system, the Green Scheme was developed primarily to offer destinations and tourism businesses a concrete tool for assessing and improving their sustainability performance. Joining the Scheme provides members with benefits at the level of professional assistance in developing sustainable tourism and at the level of promotion.

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The Scheme is based on globally established criteria, but respects national characteristics and requirements as well. Destinations are assessed according to the global criteria of the Green Destinations Standard, recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, while providers must obtain one of the international certificates recognized by the Scheme. The levels are closely linked as the destination encourages its providers to operate sustainably. Protected areas can join the Scheme by obtaining a specific international certificate or as destinations, while beaches must obtain an internationally recognized sustainability certificate.

Depending on their level of fulfilment of the criteria, destinations can be awarded with a bronze, silver, gold or platinum Slovenia Green certificate. Among tourism businesses, accommodations, tour operators, travel agencies, attractions and restaurants may be awarded with a Slovenia Green certificate. Members of the Scheme can also join the Slovenia Green Consortium, the activities of which are focused on networking, sharing good practices and additional promotion.

Due to its innovative nature, holistic and developmental approach, and international comparability, the Green Scheme has received numerous awards, including the National Geographic Destinations Leadership Award.

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It is our pleasure to show other destination managers how to successfully build a national or regional sustainable tourism development scheme using globally recognized standards and certification programs. Let’s make the future of the tourism industry brighter and greener together!