The Slovenia Green Capitals route stops in three of our most cherished regional centers. These are the country’s so-called “capitals.” They are Ljubljana, Kočevje and the Kočevsko Region, and the Bela Krajina Region.

1. The Capital: Ljubljana

Ljubljana is our beautiful capital city. Sitting on a river and full of restaurants, museums, and terrace cafes, it is a perfect place to start the three-region itinerary. Being cosmopolitan and green is the new thing.

2. The Capital of Nature: Kočevje

Kočevje and the Kočevsko Region possess one of the world’s most important natural areas: the UNESCO-protected Krokar primeval beech forest. The area is perfect for bear-watching and just enjoying nature. This is a must for all those who love the outdoors.

3. The Capital of Culture: Bela Krajina

The Bela Krajina region is Slovenia’s culture capital. This is the place where traditions, food, and wine meet. We invite you to investigate all the wonderful restaurants and vineyards.
Slovenia Green Capitals gives our visitors a chance to enjoy our beautiful country through a different lens. We are always looking for new ways to combine our strengths.
We provide you the path (maps) and suggestions about where to eat, sleep, and have fun. The rest is up to you … including how to get to the destinations via bike, train, car, or even by foot.
As with all of the “Slovenia Green” products, the purpose is to share our green-certified destinations and support the higher goal of sustainable tourism. To learn more about what makes a destination “green,” please visit the Green Scheme website.
We can’t wait to host you in Slovenia … the greenest destination on the planet.
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