Acquiring green skills

At GoodPlace Institute we combine knowledge from wide spectrum of sustainable tourism development. We bring together a range of experts, who can provide training programs tailored to your needs and challenges. We provide education in the form of training programs for your employees and for businesses at your destination. We also organize and conduct study visits and good practice examples.
We provide training in various fields
  • Training programs in connection with Slovenia Green certification
  • Consulting on Travelife certification for hotels and travel agencies
  • Education in various areas of sustainability (certificates, waste management, energy, water, wastewater, adaptation to climate change, plastics in tourism, …)
  • Destination managementeducation
  • Education in the field of tourism product development
  • 5 * Experiences development education
  • Outdoor and cycling tourism education
  • Organization and implementation of study visits and good practice examples

Strategic planning of sustainable tourism development

The process of evaluating sustainable business is the basis for setting goals and strategic planning is the path to achieving goals.

Our activities include:

  • Preparing developing and promotional tourism strategies for destinations
  • Preparing action plans for sustainable tourism development for destinations and businesses
  • Development of cycling destinations and products
  • Development of sustainable tourism products